For this exercise I have looked at some of my drawn and stitched samples ( in part 1 and two). I selected a couple of drawings from part one since I felt the markings could be exiting and workable with. I then set to creating a variety of 30 cm lengths of yarn with a range of different thicknesses and textures (1cm repeats, 5cm repeat and a random pattern).

By using three yarns of varied texture and thickness  I reproduced some of the markings in my drawing from the Sareeh in exercise 1.3 and  changed the proportions of colour slightly. It has been an interesting exercise in itself! One that I would not have thought I would enjoy.

Other examples this time 30cm explorations in 100cm length based on my Sareeh drawing. I think this sample is simple but very effective.

The sample above is a 5cm repeat using knots and loops replicating the simple markings of my drawing.

By using  simple crochet stitch I employed a smaller proportion of black thread compared to the yellow to replicate the black markings on my medieval drawing.

I’m rather fond of the sample above, based on the drawing with stitch from the medieval dress. I used a bit of cello tape to join the ends of my black thread to make it look angular- like my stitching on brown paper.

I also like this last sample as I think I managed to translate the colour proportions of my drawing with stitch (exercise 2.4).

Achieved by wrapping  some yarn on fabric and using pom-poms and knotting to transfer  some of the markings on my drawing.

Exercise 4.2 Experimental yarns and concepts

1. Colour placement and composition

By further employing some of my colour work in part 3.1  I began to experiment with colour combinations by using different materials while also experimenting with the various hues and proportion of hues. In the sample bellow I changed  the colour proportions on my Gourache sample “salad days” using the blue as an accent colour.

This is a combination of elastic, threads, fabric and plastic balls.

Here is more  explorations of colour by pleating the fabric and adding tassels, based on my Gourache sample of “Salad days”

2. Materials exploration

I explored with different materials like; plastic beading, feathers and threads, replicating exercise 3.1 “Thermis carbon” inspired by the qualities of the fabric. I’m captivated by the ritchness of texture and colour in this sample, it’s a very tactile sample.

Here is another  sample with some of the colour proportions and combinations altered. I’ve also replicated some of the shapes and motifs in the fabric.

For this I used silk, lace, ribbon, wool thread and beads.

Above is another material exploration with a twig, sequins and thread in order to push the concept of yarn to  another extreme.

Although this sample wouldn’t work as a yarn it could serve as inspiration for a yarn design.

Using another of my Gourache 3.1  replicating and using the brown, yellow/mustard  and green. I explored with different materials like twigs, I found it hard to be inventive but I sure gave it a try!🙄

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or my final material exploration Iused a bath scrubber and Wooden beads so as to  concentrate on the texture of my Gourache drawing. I really strived to think about materials that I hadn’t used before and it has actually made me think differently about the  way I see things.

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< blockquote>3. Texture and Tonal qualities

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he sample above is based on my neutral Gourache study bellow which I didn’t include in my colour book because I realised that it wasn’t exacly neutral. I have explored different colour proportions and combinations. I feel I need a break as I’m running out of ideas😶

Looking at my neutral colour exploration (which isn’t neutral by the way) I collected some materials explored and translated the tones and textures into a Yarn. I have been as sensitive as I can to the tones present in the original textile. For this sample I have used conventional threads and cardboard based on my neutral Gourache study. I wonder if I would of enjoyed doing this exercise more if the Gourache study had been neutral and I got rid of the mustard/yellow the brown and the green.

e of the things I have been wondering while making these samples is how I’m going to present them. I was exited to present my yarn samples in a box and started to design one but sadly I had to order a minimun of 50 boxes so I quickly changed my mind in presenting them in a box. I shall put my thinking hat on!🤔