I have been doing some research on the design and sourcing of yarns. Finding out about yarn trade shows and companies, how the trends and themes are presented and I was very interested in the innovations that are being promoted in the web sites I looked at.

I looked at the links on my OCA manual and at first I felt out of my depth but soon got intrigued by some of the information I was reading.

I looked at websites like;


It acts like a magazine showing trends with beautiful photography, showcasing  moods and trends according to the seasons. It’s aim/purpose is to connect designers with manufacturers.


Very similar to the above. I was interested in their different moods showcasing the colours that they were providing like:

-fancy colours- fluorescent, glow in the dark and reflective yarns ( I wouldn’t mind having some of the glow in the dark yarns and maybe exploring with those by  developing some of my part 2 ideas with my “display of fireworks”).

-Enamel colours- silver hues (transparent with effects of light, holographic, translucent and iridescent yarns) fancy some of those too!

I discovered that while I was finding so much about the more obvious types of yarn like cotton and wool, I was very interested even fascinated with learning more about their properties and their uses. I knew that yarns and fibres are used for tyres, bullet proof vests, sports wear etc but It was interesting to read more about how yarn and fibres are used in  the medical industry.

Innovation in textiles

Medical clothing is designed by making use of advances in the field of electronics medical technology and textiles. They use methods used to create clothing to protect against infections and diseases. I learnt from innovationintextiles.com that there is a gap in the market that is currently being filled with inexpensive multifunctional garments which are comfortable to wear. Producers of non-woven garments are likely to lead the way.

High-tech fabrics are fascinating. I read about some of the products that are in the market that I had completely taken for granted like:

  • A textile based belt which can relieve chronic back pain.
  • A belly band which is able to monitor uterine contractions and foetal heart rate in pregnancy.
  • Stockings for use of diabetic patients.
  • A shirt which delivers shocks to patients experiencing serious heart problems.

Experts believe that wearable technology could revolutionise the practice of health care (information taken from innovationstextiles.com).

I loved the concept of textiles designed for dermatological patients, fibres designed with Medical/medicinal  plants innovative textiles enabled with healing capacities by means of microspores containing active herbal extracts.

I then looked at sports fibres designed with stretchy  woven blends with upf50+ moisture management and quick-drying performance. Amazing and mind blowing to me!

I looked into yoga wear, made with combined knit and woven fabric of recycled poly and spandex, with a four way stretch a DWR finish and a 50+up protection 😳.

I also looked at companies like Levis and their hidden science in textiles. They have to be stretchy have thermoregulation and moisture management and the very important odour control! (my mind is blowing!).

let’s  not forget about out -door wear, with qualities such as; abrasion-resistant and waterproof.

WOW so much to learn! I have taken so much from this research, although I have realised that I haven’t even touched the surface. I think I will finish now and reflect on my reading.