It has been a while since I have written on my blog, so many things have been happening to me that have forced me to reflect and absorb  my surroundings.

I haven’t been feeling well for a while but instead of isolating myself and drifting into my illness I decided to take a part-time job to force myself to interact with others and also to carry on being active as I belive that once you give up you deteriorate. After doing my research in  different  companies I decided to apply to Monsoon. I chose  Monsoon for many reasons,  not only because I like their  natural fabrics but also because I like the story of their founder Peter Simon. Coming  back from his travels he founded a trust to help under-privileged women and children in Asia. He sourced different fabrics from places like Afghanistan and employed ladies to do embroidery and other grafts turning the garment into beautiful clothes making them available to the high street, giving women in England the feeling and experience of wearing clothes that were different and exiting from other parts of the world without having to travel. Most interesting and exciting to me was that he was empowering women from other parts of the world and giving them opportunities that they may of not had before.

As I work in Monsoon I am in awe of how it is possible to have a shop run by women (in my branch it’s all women) and we all compliment each other ( there is no bitching or rivalry). Yesterday my branch was preparing to be a model store and we had the visual department and other visitors coming to make it all happen, I took the chance to ask questions and get talking to many of the ladies.As I was working in the fitting room, which I love as it allows me to talk to customers all from different walks of life,  I enjoy and admire the beauty of each women that comes through the fitting room. I admire their beauty emotionally as well as physically while at the same time I feel like I’m empowering them and enhancing them just with a few simple words or even just a smile. I noticed as I was working yesterday that all the ladies that work for Monsoon  were  wearing Monsoon (we can choose our uniform) but we all looked different and each one of them made their clothes reflect their personality and style, it was a beautiful picture! One that made me reflect on my learning so far with Oca. Even though we are all learning and following the same material we are all using it to find our voice and our style. I feel like I’m absorbing everything around me and transforming it into textiles (in my head anyway😉)

You see… textiles is not just about boring embroidery or dowdy looking middle aged women or even about students that are not good in academic studies or other “intelligent subjects”

As I was reminded of when I went to graduates designer exhibition. Textiles is exciting, fresh, intelligent and I feel it’s a good time for textiles. I think that I have the best of both worlds, the creativity and old fashion ways of the eighties and the freshness and innovativeness ( is that a word?) of technology and I’m hoping to learn more about both.

So much goes into designing textiles; I have just learnt about colour proportions, moods, shapes and so much more.

I feel blessed for even experiencing these times were  I haven’t been feeling physically strong as these have forced me to slow down and be more observant and absorb my surroundings making me more sensitive and hopefully applying it all to my learning, as even a “small” job like working in the ladies changing rooms in a shop has enabled me to study their shape, colouring and of course the very important proportions.

What I find interesting and a common denominator in my units in this course is that I am fascinated by women and their stories; maybe it’s because as my body feels weaker I find inspiration in other women strengths.

Thank you Collette for helping me through this learning  Journey 🌸