I have learn many things from all of my projects like observing and developing materials; how colour proportions can change a design and the overall mood, how to translate and be sensitive to colour and how company’s use the colours to create a look and image for their brand or business.

On the Gourache studies it forced me to look at the colours and break them down so I could understand them better.

In my research I learnt about new company’s (to me) like Vlisco and how colour and prints can speak louder than words and tell a story. I have learnt about new apps which have enable me to explore digital printing and even have my textiles designs printed on fabric (so much more to explore).

The translation of yarn was interesting for me as all I did was concentrate on the colours and imagine how the artist would have mixed the colours to create the mood of his painting.I enjoed mixing  different colour threads to create the perfect tones.

The collage studies was intriguing as I started to really understand the importance of scale, colour proportion and colour palettes. It truly was an eye opener!

Finally learning to be selective in what work to put in my book and what to leave behind, the layout to use so it makes the reader understand what I’m doing and the process was a challenge but one I didn’t take lightly. I have also learnt and practiced on Adove and other computer programmes. I have researched and learnt about companies that I can use to have my book and fabrics printed, I I’m collecting business cards and other information  and putting them together to create a resourse booklet for my use.

Demonstration of thechnical and visual skills

I think I have demonstrated that I can work with different materials and media using different papers on my collages and also exploring different apps, using my photos to develop a desing further. I still think that I need to take more time to observe more carefully and be patient and not run away with my ideas loosing focus. I belive that my design and compositional skills are one of my strongest points.

Quality of outcome

I feel that I have spent so much time with the composition of my book and worrying about presentation that I worry wether the content is enough for others to read. Every page of each book means a lot to me as it represents all of my learning in part 3 but I am not confident it’s enough for a reader. I look forward to what my tutor comments are😬. I think in my blog I demonstrate conceptualisation of thoughts and clear communication of my ideas as I continue to almost think out loud and questioning what I do and why.< blockquote>Demonstration of creativity

en though I have had to control myself from drifting into what I imagine and keep to what I see I still think you can see my imagination in my first book whilst  trying to keep the layout simple. I experimented with layout and presentation and of course with different apps and patterns while still looking for my style and developing my personal voice.< blockquote>Contex

njoy the research and have learnt many important things about different company’s and textile artist while also sharing my views on them and critical thinking on my blog.