I started doing my colour book and I was surprised how natural and effortless it was for me to bind my book together. I came up with a way where  I sewed five pages together  and then glued them together with pva glue to strengthen my book. Once I had done them all I got some calico and glued it together for extra strength. I think being a seventies baby helped as we had to do similar with our school books. I wrote some of my headings with my old type writer and that was an eye opener as any mistake and you have to start all over again! You wonder how secretaries coped in the past?

Some of my collages might vary in colour from the photo as many of my everyday items may have changed and the light poring from my window may have  changed from the one in my photo, I think on the whole I took my tutors feed back and tried to only translate what I see making me very obsessed and cautious. I also stopped using ink on top of my collages as I realized that was cheating🙊

I have learnt a lot doing this colour book as there is so much to think about; content, quality of text and imagery, the mood of my book, layout etc. I decided that there is many things I liked on my first colour book and others I didn’t. I think the texture and my actual work is interesting and fun ( to me) but there is other things I would change like I used pva glue to mount my work on white strong paper and I didn’t like the ripple effect it created. I loved my book cover but made a mistake and it wasn’t big enough so had to extend it with calico. I think the overall effect has my voice and style stamped all over it but I felt I wanted to try and get a cleaner minimal more contemporary look so I decided to have it printed and make a few changes. Bellow are some examples.

ith my second colour book, I  designed on my computer using photos of my actual work; there is some positives and some negatives. One of the negatives is that although the quality of the colours is very good, in some of my pages they are not accurate and there for it changes the mood and the effect of my original design. There is also some typo errors which if I hadn’t been rushed for time I would have checked better. In my water-colour studies some of the colours I was seeing don’t translate in my photos but I still think the translucent and delicate colours are beautiful, I specially like the ones that bleed into each other.  Of course one of the plusses is that doing the book on the computer and having it printed makes the overall effect cleaner and neater but looses on the texture, so maybe next time I would choose a more textured grainy paper but for now I’m happy as I have the two and I feel I have demonstrated creativity, imagination, experimentation, invention, development and a personal voice but most important it has taking me into a “voyage of discovery”