I have been really busy since I had my last study day in the new designers exhibition. I felt so inspired that I have been completely obsessed about prints and colour. Everything I see is a print!

I was lying in my garden when I took a picture of the red kite above, I really want to invest in a good camera so I can take a better photo but for now it kept me busy.

I used some of the apps suggested in part three for research and played with layouts and colour combinations, changing the moods and the effect depending on what app or filter I used.

I combined two of my photos and merged the prints. I like the outcome! I have only touched the surface I know! But  I’m pleased with what I have learnt in part 3, it’s making me hungry for more.

I have been experimenting with Adobe.com and made myself these labels that maybe I will make  into stickers to use in the future on my work.

I have been working hard on my colour book, sewing and binding it together. I made a mistake by using pva glue to mount my collages and colour chips onto card, it made some of the paper ripple so next time I would use spray glue.

I used some of my prints to make my cover. I printed my prints on a cotton canvas and then embroided the title of my book, I had to use some calico as the cover wasn’t A3 and I needed it to be, I like the result.

One of the things I came back with from the young designers show was the importance of doing more sketching. I have been sketching any time I have a moment, anything I see. The photo above is a sketch of a part of my living room which I developed further on my iPad.

I really like the effect and thought it would work well as a wall paper. I would maybe add some subtle ( yes you heard right!) colours to make the mood look almost faded or old .

This is a quick sketch of my garden  which again I develop with my iPad into a repetitive motif,  I would use this one as a wall paper too.

Taking a picture of one of my crochet work ( previous project) I played with different colour palettes  making interesting prints and effects. I have really enjoyed discovering these apps and will no doubt carry on exploring.

Finally I have found a company where I can send my prints and have them printed on the fabric of my choice. This has been very exiting for me (better than Christmas). I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the print as I’m aware that sometimes if you edit a photo too much it can lose quality. So to sum  it all up I have learnt so much in part three. It’s all about colour, proportion of colour and of course how it affects your original design. I have a long way to go to perfect my colour and train my eye as I feel like a child just mixing and exploring with no measure, but with time and practice I will become a professional  🎨