Today I went to the new designers show in Angel, as soon as I got there I was overwhelmed with emotion. The place was buzzing with excitement! Young graduates who have their futures ahead of them waiting in anticipation for their big break, they have exhibited all their work on which they have invested so much time, energy and emotions. And it´s that,  that I could sence in the air around me. I didn’t have to go far to be inspired as I took a moment to take it all in and… Enjoy!

Here are some pictures of what I saw today, most students when I asked, didn’t mind me taking pictures of their work and where very forthcoming in giving me information on the processes . I only came across one student that wasn’t happy with me taking a picture.

I think  that it’s a very exiting time for textiles. There is a fusion of traditional textiles techniques and modern. One of the many things I have taken from today is that; I have been thinking for a while on doing some digital printing of my photography and adding some embroidery, I have seen some examples today that have really motivated me and encouraged me to do so.

I love the printing on silk and the portfolio was exquisitely presented. Stunning!

So delicate and beautiful!

I love the colour palettes on these.

Dyed and quilted, I like the effect.

This is Sam Hussain designs, I loved his work. Sam took time to tell me what inspired him to do this work and his processes . He was very enthusiastic and his work is Art. He hand dyed each piece and it’s all hand embroidered, he added beads and I like how he has cut the sleeves, the photo doesn’t reflect the beauty of his work. I was memorised! Have a look at  Sam Hussain´s work  on line.

He is one of my favorites.

Ha! Now I see the beauty of collage and how it can be developed further.

I loved looking at Sam Hussain sketch book, beautiful! I’m going to love following Sam on Instagram as he happily gave me his business card (which is beautiful by the way).

Ah! This is another favorite of mine! Maja Bjork, she described herself as an embroidery/ illustrator  and her work was fun and colourful! Her sketch books are incredible, full of everyday illustrations of family, friends and pets. I like how she used beads and other materials in her sketches. I find her an inspiration! I shall follow her work on Instagram too. She also gave me a fun postcard. I loved talking to this young woman!
Maja Bjork, I love her humour in her illustration above.

I like the one above because it’s digital printed and then they have added embellishments. An example of what I was saying I would like to try.

I spoke to a company about 3D printing and the possibilities of using them in the future. She explained how it worked and that some processes are free, I found it very interesting and inspiring.

I left and went for a walk around Angel and ended up walking along the canal to Camden.

Had a cuppa with this fella 😋