For this exercise I chose this post card of Raffaello Santi (1483-1520) Madonna in the meadow.

I was almost scared of this exercise; although I love colour it’s the very thing I struggle with the most. I found it hard to think about the proportions of the colours on the painting and how to translate it on to my card sample, I’m not sure if I was over thinking it but I got on with the exercise remembering that the point of this task is that it is an exercise and that I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to learn from it.

I struggled to get the same exact shades and tones of hues but these where the closest. Some colours I had to mix with others to see if I could achieve the right tone, like the dress I mixed a red cotton thread with a salmon or the green of the meadow I used colour n823+ a lighter green and thinner thread.

I have learnt to slow down, if I don’t have the same hue; I’ve learnt to work out what the original hue would be made of and break the colours down to basics. Thinking of proportions of colour is a new concept for me and one I need to practice on more.