Last week I got invited to graduate fashion  week, I loved walking to the venue from Aldgate tube station and walking through brick lane. All the different shops are filled with so much colour and different smells.

East London was associated with the poor slums and the scenes of crimes for Jack the Ripper murders but now you will find the more artistic edgier crowds. There are lots of trendy bars, restaurants and boutiques, it’s also the heart of Londos Blangladeshi community so it’s full of authentic curry restaurants.

I was going to see the Arts University Bournemouth catwalk that was held in the Truman Brewery, it didn’t disappoint. The fashion show was inspiring and had a bit for every one. There was clothes for the older lady with older models with beautiful grey hair, also for the more voluptuous woman and for children and men. Here are some photos of the designs that caught my eye.

I liked the collection inspired by air hostesses that also reminded me of thunder birds (a science fiction tv series from the 1960), the designer used pastel colours and attached very cleverly! some beautifully crafted bags and managed to still keep the designs very minimalistic.

I also liked this collection above as the fabric was beautifully dyed and manipulated. Sadly the photo doesn’t give it justice.

The garment above was also stunning ,the jacket was embellished on the back. I like the contrast of materials and shapes. Again, Sadly I didn’t capture it in the picture.

The children wear,was a mixture of woolly jumpers and cotton; each with animal motifs woven in the fabrics. The children modelling looked like they were enjoying their experience and put a smile in all our faces.

There was also other universities exhibiting. I liked the Item in the picture above because it’s the first time that I had seen an item that has been made with a 3D printer, I find the idea very very exiting.

A students portfolio that caught my eye, I liked her illustrations that were little underworlds characters with big childlike eyes. I also liked that the designer used discarded fabrics creating an heirloom garment that can be passed on to other generations while also making a protest against wastefulness in fashion.

I liked how this student sewed her scissors into a blouse taken the idea of embroidery to another interesting level. This gave me a few ideas for future projects.

There was an embroidery student demonstrating different stitching and embroidery methods.

The garment  above was made with long strips of plastic.

More garments also using dye to create interesting textures and pattens and the designer also used interesting fabric manipulation. I personally like the top part of the garment on the right, I like the effect and the texture that the loose threads create.

This dress was interesting, the pattern was achieved by screen printing .

The embroidery of a dress. I liked this as it reminds me of what we have just been doing on part 2 drawing with thread. I also like that it was telling a story (the soldiers that died in world war, if you never guessed).

After the show I went to a Vietnamese restaurant to recoup some energy and then I walked to Trafalgar square where there was this beautiful display of fresh flowers. London is always full of surprises. I also liked the pattern on the bus above😍

ded this lovely day going to the National portrait gallery and saw a few nude photographs including ; Vivienne Westwood and Linford Christie amongst many others 😉