For this exercise I went to my local department store to source some fabric  samples. I needed three printed samples that contained four to six colours. And another sample of neutral (beige, cream, white) that had to have an interesting construction or surface.
Colour matching with Gourache extending the print design.

With this first one I choose a designers Guild print called Caprifoglio Grande sky. The hues are mainly pastels with some variations and different tones. I think I managed to get the right tints of blue and pinks and tones of burgundy. I struggled with taking notes as the gouache dries so fast. One of the difficulties also is that the colour is different when it’s wet to when you apply  it on paper and dries, so I had to make sure I had mixed enough paint just in case I had to amend the colour on the last minute. I like this colour palette.

The second one above is a Sanderson sample called Themis Carbon. I like this sample, I struggled a bit achieving the right tone of plum. I think this is what they call Tetratic colour scheme? Linking two complementary colours (the plum and the mustard yellow).

This third one is another Sanderson called Salad days Emerald. These are more natural hues,  warm and cold in the same sample creating a fresh summery mood. I am not a great fan of this sample but it does remind me of the summer and that is always possitive for me. It’s a happy one!

Research point 2

I have been exploring some digital resources that allow me to experiment with colour.

Colordot by mailpixel

With this I can create beautiful colour palettes anywhere I go with a swipe of my finger. I can capture colours with my camera, I can then share the colour palettes with anyone I want.

Adobe capture CC

This app turns any image into a colour theme, pattern, unique brush, look or vector graphic that I can use in my creative projects on desktop or on my iPad. I can take a photo of anything that inspires me, I can extract a colour, create a pattern or a unique brush. I love this app!

I have been experimenting briefly with these apps and it’s very exiting! They open a huge variety of possibilitys to me, not only because I have always been interested in doing my own repetitive pattern of objects or designs that I find interesting, but also because it allows me to create looks and convey or demonstrate the colours on my future projects to others. In other words, for someone like me who struggles differentiating colours and shades this app is very helpful.

Obviously to print the colours from the app would bring another set of challenges,  as colours change depending on what printer you have,what paper you use, and the screen you viewed it from.

These are some examples of my experiments on these apps.

These samples were done on Adobe Capture CC using objects that I had in the house, like my turtle, my clothes and even my face and my eye.

More examples of my practicing on adobe capture using some of my photography.

Loads of possibilities! I I’m very exited and I have only scratch the surface!