I have loved learning the different ways of interpreting, developing and then manipulating textiles in so many different ways. It’s opened my eyes to all the different possibilities and techniques. I was suprised on how much I enjoyed drawing with thread on paper and card,  to the point I expressed myself better with that media than with fabric. I feel that it took me a long time to be experimental on fabric and probably could go on much longer as  I have now warmed up. I was a bit restricted with the materials I had at hand but after doing some research on various textile artist like Ana Teresa Barboz, Jane Perkins, Natasha Kerr and others  who use recycled materials around the house,  I felt very inspired and ready to continue.

I still find it hard to be self critical as I still feel insecure about my work. A great part of this course is to be self critical and evaluate and reflect on what you are doing, what you have done and what you would do differently;  So with that in mind I will say that one of my strengths is composision and color. I also think that I am strong in demonstrating my imagination and creativity and I can be very inventive. There is no doubt I have a personal voice and I can already see, in these early stages,  what direction I am heading to.

The  area I need to improve is my critical thinking, I need to be more confident and not doubt my work all the time but have the ability to evaluate it. I could also be stronger on my research and contex and reflexion.

My review of my work

I think in part 2 I have demonstrated my ability to adapt to different techniques and media; from my different paper manipulations, to my drawing with stitch on card I have been very experimental and innovative.There is no doubt that I’m very visual aware and that design and composision are very important and form a big chunk of my work.

My three samples for assignment 2 demonstrate how I have developed my sewing techniques and my fabric manipulation further without forgetting the importance of composition and further reflection on how I can improve.

I have demostrated my communication of my ideas very clearly on my blog and sketch books. I feel that my blog has got better and I am constantly improving in my ability to express my ideas and thoughts. Sometimes I have to review my writing 100 times as English is my second language but on the whole I am happy with my progress. I think my blog demonstrates clearly my ideas, development and continued learning.

I have demonstrated my creativity and imagination on my blog as it is almost like a diary which  as you read you can hear and see my thinking process and how I have changed my mind several times and came to a final conclusion.

I have demonstrated my experimentation with different media, tools and tecniques exploring different ideas and methods that I have learnt from different artists and people including my daughter. Learning about different stitching that is used for tailoring, exploring quilting, and experimenting with cardboard and different recycled materials even on my sketch book covers.

You can hear my personal voice on my blog and hopefully it will continue to get stronger and develop into my own personal style.

I feel the contex is good but sometimes I can drift and I have to constantly remind myself to keep to the brief. I have got better on reflecting and really have learnt how important it is as it can help clear my thoughts and come to some conclusions which in turn would help with future planing, it’s as important as the making and I have to learn to slow down and alow time for reflection. I get very exited and almost hyper and obsessive, therefore reflecting is imperative and a good practice.

I do a lot of researching but I don’t always record it. So I need to improve on recording my research and cross reference it to my work. I also feel that I need to find more time to go to exhibitions. So much to do!!!