After much thinking and reviewing what I have done so far, for my third sample I wanted it to be something I enjoy and with a bit of humour; as life at the moment seems to be to serious. I have studied and reflected on my three different clothing items selected in Newbury museum and have been fascinated by the different stories behind them. The three stories being so different and so far apart. Three type of women who wore those garments with three completely different lifes and customs. The lady that had her Mendhi celebration with her Sareeh and the different traditions behind them, the other lady who wore the  1930 dress and all the worries she must have had with what was going on in England in those days,  and then the contrast in the Elisabethan dress; no freedom of choice or colour ( very limited) and let me not forget the heaviness and stuffiness of the era. All of these ladies had something in common, they all wanted to be feminine and express themselves with clothing and textiles so I thought I would bring them all together with my interpretation, of the freedom we have today in England with this humorous sketch.

I started sketching my ideas. In my brief it states that there has to be a form of repetition so I played with different possibilities exploring my options

I opted for this combination below  as visually  I prefer it  .

I then drew it on calico and added some leaves in the corners of the fabric.

My next step was to draw with thread, fine cotton thread.  I like the simplicity as it looks like it has just been drawn with pen.

My next step was to quilt my thread drawing as I wanted to add some clouds and rainbows and make it more interesting. I was going to add colour but I like the Wabi- Sabi aspects of this sample: simple, imperfect and incomplete. I must admit I had to go against my natural tendency of being colourful but I thought it would be interesting to leave this sample simple and un-cluttered.

I drew my calico with pencil to see where to stitch the clouds and rainbows.

This sample is A3 size and I used cream thread to quilt it.

I love the movement that the quilting has created.

One big cheer for women of all cultures and different centuries and another big cheer for all types of cloth and fabric🍷🍸🍾. Man I love textiles!

I Finished this assignment with this playful design adopting all of what I have learnt doing part one and two.