I have set up all of my previous work to use as information for this assignment. I need to draw with stitch on fabric using some of the methods and previous techniques. I started by sketching some ideas and then selected my favourite sketch and drew it on calico.  I wanted to translate the garments as I interpreted in my previous collages. I drew the garments on a line so I could add some humour and also record and interpret the different qualities of the garments; the wedding dress being flowy with the wind, the Elizabethan being more ridged and stiff and the Sareeh with no structure just a cloth and a t-shirt. I added leaves blowing in the wind to add more movement and some repetition.

To prepare the calico I dyed it with blue ink just to add some background colour.

I spent two days sewing and drawing with stitch using embroidery threads. I found stitching on cloth different as I had gotten used to stitching on paper. I felt restricted as I had to use smaller stitching and more tradicional media. I also felt that I played it safe with this sample and wonder if I was experimental enough. I think in my next sample I would like to plan more and maybe prepare better. I felt restricted as I haven’t got many fabrics, lace and trimmings left. I might add more interest on this sample by maybe quilting it and giving it not only more texture but another dimension. I am not completely sure about the composition either… The leaves could of been different sizes givin an illusion of some of them being further than the others. 🤔

href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/img_3252.jpg”&gt;   I decided to quilt my sample. I added a couple of layers of calico and added some purple lining. My daughter is doing an internship with a master tailor in London  and is making a mini blazer jacket (above). We talked about how in tailoring to stiffen the fabrics they use stitching (hand stitch), the stitch is called Cherevon stitch or pad stitch. I have tried something similar in my sample bellow. I think it’s added texture and interest, I feel that it can also add movement in the drawing depending on what directions I  use my stitching, if I do the stitching in spiral directions around the leaves they almost look like they are being swept around by the wind. At this point it’s a stitch I would like to explore in my future samples, like I mention before with more planing and sketching. I also added a few sequins to add shine and fun.< a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/img_3280.jpg”&gt;<
like the humour in this sample, the idea of three completely different garments with different history behind them and the different life’s, the wearer would of lived and jet they are hanging together as it would be a normal thing. I might explore and play with this idea more.