I find this exersise very time consuming and it really doesn’t help when your not feeling very well and your hands hurt but I must continue and have decided to do it from my bed.

A tea pot full and music in the background and I must say… I’m enjoying it! I do question why I need to sew on paper but I suppose I can understand the stitch better and get different effects to when working on fabric. It’s breaking it down to basics forms, tools and materials. I do miss the fluidity of the paint. Sewing on paper has so many challenges; it tears, to much thread and it can crumble, It’s hard creating the same colours, you need a variety of threads (I need to buy some more) not only different  colours but thickness. You also need different needles and in my case a good thimble (my fingers have seem to change).

I must say …this sample is very interesting because it has became very strong, I will show you the back of it and you will see. All the threads have created a web and has strengthened my paper, making it very flexible and bendable.

Can you see? There is hardly no paper left without thread. I think I can see some of my stitches more clearly. Any way… Must get on as now I must do two more in A4 🙄😋

Using one of my A4 prepared papers ( the one inspired by the Sareeh)I have drawn with stitch trying to capture the movements of my brush strokes of my iPad drawing. I think the delicacy of the punctured paper (with the motifs of the embellishments on the Sareeh) and the drawing with stitch of my iPad drawing work well together as I was able to use some of the holes already made on the paper. I have used both inspirations and merged different media to create a new effect and possibly changing the original mood, I am pleased with the result as the outcome looks fresher and lighter.

Some pictures showing more closely the detail of the stitch and the different effects depending on whether the light is allowed to shine through the paper.