Having a daughter who is currently studying Fashion has definitely had it’s benefits as we are able to bounce our knowledge  backwards and forwards. The other day in conversation she mentioned Mary Katrantzou to me and I started googling her and found myself wanting to know more about her. I love her prints and really want to know more. Apparently she is Greek and lives in London. She studied in central st Martins changing her mind from studying prints for interiors to fashion prints. Mary Katrantzou studied Architecture before fashion and that is obvious in her designs as the shapes are constructed and dictated by the form and concept of her prints.

Her collection for her masters degree in fashion textiles opened the graduation show in 2008, her collection was nominated for Harrods and Loreals professional award. Her collections are sold in over 200 fashion shops including Selfriges and Harvey Nichols.(Wikipedia)

When I look at her collections I think they are a blur of designs and Art, some of them, if not most being “chintzy ” and postmodern. She was quoted saying “I design  Women like perfume bottles or as amazing rooms, I like to liberate them by turning them into objects, they are not the object, they’re wearing the object” ( interview with the guardian)

I like her structured bodices, bustles, pleat, Her prints of typewriters, bubbles and phones amongst so many other prints. Most of her prints are digitally printed.

In some of her recent  designs she collaborated with Swarovski using and experimenting with new techniques. Printing on Swarovski mesh had it’s challenges as making a dress took her two weeks to do. I love the fusion of the materials she uses, having studied jewellery myself I can see the difficulties in working with wire mesh let alone printing on it, WOW! Some of her other experimentations are working with Crystals, pencils and metal.

She has been called  “the princess of prints” and I can see why as she has quickly become one of my influences and favourite fashion and textiles designers, making me just another of her many admirers. Seeing these prints and what she has done with them really exites me and I look forward to experimenting with different tools and materials. Genius! Just Genius!

(Prints and images from the Internet)