I have been asked by my brief,  to select six  drawings that in my opinion have the most interesting visual qualities,  and at this point I have no clue of which ones to choose. I have started by laying out all my drawings on the floor (my walls or pin board are not big enough). I have taken a picture to help me make a decision,  as I’m feeling very indecisive this morning.

So… looking at my picture which pieces do I think are strong and why?

I have chosen my six drawings (I think).

I find this process difficult as I sometimes lack confidence in my work but here they are. I can’t dwell on this part part for to long as “time is of the essence” and  I want to move on to the next stage of  part 2.

I like the collage of the Elizabethan dress as I think I have managed to translate the heaviness of the Item and the detail is well recorded, visually it is stricking.

The second one is another drawing of the Elizabethan dress. I think it’s strong because I like the recording of the markings of the weave and the pattern, I find it visually interesting.

The third one is my iPad drawing of the photograph I took of my flowers; I like this one  because it shows each and every stroke of paint creating energy and texture. I also like the explosion of color.

The fourth one is the drawing of the detail of the Sareeh, I think this one is strong because of the detail and shape of the jewels.

The fith, I like the movement and dimensions of this painting and the use of repetition.

The six is another drawing of the Sareeh, you can see the woven silk and the detail using repetitive motifs.

Actually , giving it a second thought,  for the six drawing I’m going to choose the picture below

I chose this one because I like the movement in it, I feel it represents  some of my learning and progress on part one. I like the looseness and freedom of the lines and what that  means to me in my future with textiles.

Let part 2 begin!

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