Today I took myself to one of my favorite parts of London , London Bridge!. Every time I’m in London Bridge I can feel the history , the bricks and old buildings… They just scream history!. I can feel the breeze of the Thames and it has a way of awaking me. So off I go to the fashion and textiles museum where  I haven’t been before. The building from outside is stricking , I like it as it reminds me of somewhere were Frida Kalho would live, very colourful! The color scheme being hot pink, burnt orange, yellow and blue. I belive that the building was a converted warehouse which was redesigned by a Mexican architect Ricardo Legorretain in collaboration with Sandra Rhodes.

I arrive at ten,  eager with anticipation,  but I was told it wasn´t open until eleven. I waited in a lovely coffee shop (part of the museum). As soon as you enter the coffee shop there is a big massive basket of different fruits,  the student in me has to fight not to take my camera out to take a picture. I sit and drink a lovely herbal tea and gluten free cake.

The hour goes quick as I feel right at home listening to other students all studying textiles talk amongst themselves, admiring their pattern scarfs and jewellery.

I go through the different rooms that clearly explain and exhibit  Liberty in fashion from the 1843 through to the 1980, going through the different eras, changes and designers who collaborated or used liberty´s prints; as Mary Quant, Foale and Tuffin, Marion Donalson, Gerald McCann and Jean Muir, Vivianne  Westwood, Ana Sui ,  Junya Watanabe and many more.

Here are some of the pictures I took after asking permission of course! The staff in the museum were very helpful and welcoming.

I finished and found myself in the museum´s small shop, of course. I bought myself this very useful book,  that already,  after only getting to the second page,  I have learned so much not only about textiles but the industry itself. I have also learned about other textile artists like Mary Crisp and Teresa Cole who I will research in more depth as at the moment I have information overload!.

The day hasn’t finished,  oh no!; In a personal level but very much linked to this subject I met my daughter who had come to London to hand in her cv for an internship in Saville row. When I saw her I had to take a double take! I hardly recognised her as she looked so smart in her tailored troussers and her elegant coat, my girl meant business!. I stood outside each and every basement/shop looking at the story unraveling. Reading every expression and trying to lip read every person that came in to contact with this attractive mature professional that my daughter is/has become. I am starting to freeze my “….” When I see her coming out from one of the many shops she has entered today, looking so happy with a smile that brightens the whole of London even on the darkest grey day, “I have an interview mum!” She has an interview with Ozwald Boateng! The man himself… wish her luck !  I do feel she is going to go far just because she is not scared of doing the hard work.

A perfect study day as I feel I have so much to digest and take in.