I feel like I have jumped on a learning  journey and that with every project so far I have learnt loads. In part one I learnt about my local Archive (I didn’t even know it existed) and visited for the first time my local museum in Newbury. I learnt the importance of recording the different elements and properties of textiles and the many different ways of doing so. I have even learnt that I can draw with my left hand! (Never done that before). I gained so much knowledge about different fibres, as Rayon for example!. I also gained in learning about  different cultures such as the Japanese and the Indian traditions. I enjoyed learning the hidden properties of henna. I learnt about mediaeval laws and fashion and different class systems. I loved being able to explore other media like drawing with my iPad and the different dimensions that this has opened, which I intend to carry on exploring. I gained  the new concept of Wabi-Sabi which I hadn’t heard before and now love. I have also been able to   learn about so many new (for me) artists and companies and how they work by researching some of their methods. Finishing part one feels like finishing a good book and not wanting it to end. I have taken delight in every part of  part one and could carry on as I feel there is so much to see and learn,  but I have to move on to part two. Only time and practice will help me perfect some of my ideas, designs and drawings. I don’t think I will ever see a piece of fabric or a flower without analysing it in great detail ever again.