Because of the time of year, I couldn’t  pick flowers from my garden or the lovely countryside around me.

My brother kindly bought me a bunch of flowers  that have been enjoyed, observed, photographed, drawn and rearranged again and again. I have studied their shape, color and composision and still feel like I could do much more as there is so much to record and capture. They sit in a vase on my living room table, the light changes all the time reflecting on the leaves making me obsessed with being able to capture every different change ( to the annoyance of my loved ones who feel that I can’t keep a conversation without changing it to this project).

After learning and researching about David Hockney, my questions on what media to use and how to take advantage of my obsession of recording via photography  were answered. David Hockney is a painter, he started painting on his iPhone and giving his creations to family and friends and then he scaled his drawings up to make big collages and murals. I like his style and his use of shape and color, he inspired me.

It’s my first time using this media as I’m not very good at keeping up with technology. I bought myself a stylus 2 pen compatible  with my iPad and off I went like a child in a sweet shop. It takes getting used to as the tip of the pen isn’t as fine as the real thing but I found myself getting very exited and drifted away! losing myself in the wonder of technology.

These are some of the pictures I took of my bunch of flowers. Enhancing the color by contrasting the flowers with a bright background. The yellow of the sunflower looks amacing against the blue. I played with composision too, rearranging the flowers to make different effects.

The yellow with the blue, the orange with the blue, the pink with the yellow, the green and pink…endless posibilities and combinations and we haven’t even touched the shape of the different flowers.

I started the old and only way I new. Painting with watercolors  and inks focusing on pattern, silhouette and composition.

Drawing a couple of motifs with stems.

This picture captures the flowers bathing in the beautiful light that comes pouring through my window.

Another quicksketch capturing the different tones and color of the sunflower and background. I crinkled the paper to create some texture.

A sketch made with watercolors, recording the variation of flowers and stems in the bunch.

I experimented taking pictures of my drawings and then modifying them on my iPad using bamboo paper app.The colors look brighter and the lines looser. I like the effect it creates.

The picture above is a larger and more time consuming hand painting, I used watercolors and ink. I repeted some of the motifs and movement thinking more of creating a pattern. For the background I employed a thick hard brush dotting the paint on the paper. Drawing the ivy and changing the position creates some movement in the picture.

Simple but effective use of lines on one of my photographs. I like the simplicity of the quick lines on the geranium.

Another example of my first attempts of drawing on my iPad. Using thick strokes and brushes.

A variation of the same photo  as above using different tools on the app and thickness  of paint and crayon and of course changing the color.

I used a mosaic app to repeat the image to see what effect this has, experimenting with the  different possibilities.

another drawing done  on my iPad.

I am very proud of the painting above as I took time to build the texture  making it a very energetic painting. I can actually see this image used in the making of fabrics.

Another repetition of my hand painting  experimenting with composision  pattern and construction.

This is my favorite and I can imagine building this even further maybe adding some embroidery and beading or making it in to a tapice. Many  options and endless posibilities!