Today I started taking photos of the flowers I have around the house. One of the questions I am asked is what is drawing for me? That  is a good question. I have talked  before in this blog of how I love and  I’m forever taking pictures capturing images to create stills that could be printed and to me are drawings. I feel that a drawing is capturing an idea, a reality or an illusion which can be translated on to paper or something that is visual for others to see or enjoy.

I don’t really know when a drawing ends and making begins as I feel they are part of one another. You can draw with fabrics, buttons, string, dread, sticks, paint, pencils, plants, IPad and photography and of course collage.

I might experiment drawing with my photos as a base even though at this point I am not sure how I’m going to do it or how good the outcome will be.

For now I will just enjoy my photos and the brightness of their  color on a very grey day.

Collage of all the photos of flowers I have taken today.

I can see why flowers and leaves are favorite motifs in textiles as there is so many ways of recording them. There is nothing more perfect than nature! It’s the best art we will ever see.