I went for a walk today hoping to capture some texture in nature, trying to add to my sketch book and portfolio.

I have always taken pictures to record what I see and what inspires me but never thought much about it. After talking to my tutor I was encouraged to carry own with this media as it can be exiting and useful for my textiles studies.

Here are some examples of what I managed to capture today.

After such a lovely walk I sat and practiced some sketching of some of the things I saw today , concentrating more in color and texture more than shape. I experimented with water colors and inks. These images below are some examples. I spent less than fifteen minutes on each.


Looking at the outcome of my sketches I do wonder about my vision? I see color in everything. Even if I feel that I haven’t caught the mood in these sketches I still like the outcome as a texture. I will do some more and this time I will aim to capture the mood rather than the texture alone.