For this exercise I have been asked to demonstrate my exploration of form, shape, drape, volume and three dimensional qualities of my three archive textiles items through three dimensional collage.


The one thing I came across while doing this project is that I was restricted in the sense that the Items I have chosen are in Newbury museum so I’m not able to display them as I would like. I would of liked to rearrange them and draw them in different ways but I got on with the task as best as I could.

With the Saree collage I cut blocks of card in colors as close as possible to the real thing recording the pleats and the drape of the garment. The Saree has a lot of detail so it was hard recording all the detail using this method. I used a plain white background as the Saree is so busy that way the Siluette of the Saree shows up better.

For the 1930 wedding dress I used wrapping paper and tissue paper. The background paper had to be contrasting with the dress so I opted for something soft but simulating 1930 wall paper. The creases on the tissue paper work well as they naturally crease imitating the rayon on the wedding dress. At first I found this exersise childish but I carried on and ended up enjoying it as it really makes you observe the Item in more detail drawing your eye to the shapes and making you think of the Siluette  and almost breaking the pattern down to basics.

My Tutor advised me to be”bold and have fun”and that’s exactly  what I have done with the Elizabethan dress. Considering it’s my least favorite Item of my archive It’s the collage I have enjoed the most. I like the way I have used the cardboard in strips representing the heaviness of the fabric,the garment and era it self. I used a bright colourful  background to contrast and show the garment better.