” The essence of drawing is the line exploring space” (Andy Goldsworthy)

In this exercise I have to vary the qualities of my tools and record the qualities and my observations of my selected Items. I have used different weights/thickness of pen and paper and have used graphite and chalk to avoid using colour.

I will be recording the drape of the fabrics, the volume and folds using linear marks.
In the drawing below I have focused my attention on recording the way the Rayon drapes and falls using a soft white chalk pencil, I changed the paper to black cardboard as a nice contrast which shows off the white lines of the fabric.

In the sketches below I have used a continuous line without lifting the pen off the paper to play with different ways of drawing an object and to see how this affected the overall look of the garment. The images you see are more fluid then some of my previous sketches, yet they show the detail and the structure of the garments just as affectively.

I then decide to experiment by drawing with my eyes closed for the first time. I found this exercise to be quite enjoyable as there is no right or wrong way of doing things and the end result is always a surprise.


Drawing from memory with my eyes closed remembering Picasso’s quote

 “To draw you must close your eyes and sing”

Different weight off papers, thickness and tools. I like the thickness and effect that drawing on the brown cardboard creates as it’s a similar effect as the woven fabric on the Elizabethan dress.

Drawing with my left hand.

Not bad I think! Maybe I should draw with my left hand more often.

This sketch bellow shows detail from the 1930 wedding dress using pen and pencil, I achieved this effect using some cross hatching techniques and drawing out dashed, broken, short lines.