“Drawing is a universal language. It crosses boundaries of nationality, age and culture. It concerns the making of surfaces , the laying down of marks that describe, explain or explore” – Cane,2014

For this exercise I need to capture all three of my textiles Items.

I started by finding words that described my Item: fine, draping, delicate, weighty, feminine, intricate, repetitive pattern, sequins, jewelled.

I think from what I can see this Saree has been made of silk and has been embroidered with sequins and other jewels. I can see the silk has been sponged with a gold paint (maybe screen printed). I attempted recording the qualities of the fabric with pencil and ink  trying to capture the detail of the embroidery and the draping of the silk.

I have used two pieces of A5 paper joint together using simple markings like circles and lines. The tools I employed in this drawing was a paintbrush a tooth brush and a pencil.


Some of the characteristics of the fabric:

  • Flow
  • Embellished
  • Delicate
  • Colourful
  • Fragile
  • Decorated
  • Rich
  • Fluid
  • Light
  • Drapes
  • Pattern
  • Repetitive print
  • Jewels
  • Silk

This drawing concentrates only on the woven silk and the embellishment of the beads and sequins.

The marks on the above picture are achieved with an alan key, a toothbrush and a rubber, trying something different and using different tools to see if the effect was looser. I like the effect that the toothbrush  gives as it moves the ink un evenly on the page making an illusion of raised feathers.

   Using dotted, broken, lazy and fuzzy lines to record the detail of the fabric on the saree. I used checked lines to record the faceted beads and sequins. I like the detail of this drawing I had fun capturing all the detail of the Saree.

  In the above picture I used different tools like a tea strainer a screw and different thickness of paint brushes. The media I used was coloured ink on a red A3 red card.

I used a tea dreaner and a tea candle  on the above picture as well as yellow white and green ink on A4 sketching paper.

Another recording of the Saree this time using green ink first and covering some bubble wrap in yellow ink and pressing down on the green ink to get a sutle and faded yellow print. The color is much brighter to the real saree. I like the effect that this gives as it accentuates the draping of the silk.

In this picture I am recording with pencil and ink the patterns  and embroidery  on the Elizabethan dress. The woven  wool fabric has a complicated pattern which I find difficult to capture as I am doing it from a photo that I took of the dress behind the glass cabinet. I would of rather drawn the picture looking at the garment itself but because it was in Newbury museum I was restricted. Next time I have to choose I garment I will consider how much access I can have and if I’m able to visit freely.

Some of the words that come to my mind when I see this Item are;

  • Stiff
  • Pattern
  • Weighty
  • Strong
  • Structured
  • Pleats
  • Restrictive
  • Woven
  • Dark
  • Oppressed
  • Sturdy
  • Embroidery
  • Wool
  • Silk

A pencil sketch of the pattern on the bodice of the Elizabethan dress. I I’m happy with this sketch as I feel I have captured the detail of the pattern.

Above is a watered down ink sketch. Embroidery drawn with zigzag lines.

In this  drawing above I have used lines to represent the weave in the silk on the sleeve and  thicker lines for the bodice representing the weave of the wool trying  to follow my tutors feed back and record the ” veins  of the fabric” and study them in detail.

I have taken my tutors feed back and I’m trying to focus on one area of my chosen Item and observe and record it in different ways. These markings are made with water color and a thick square  brush. I atemted to record the weave on the Elizabethan dress as if it was magnified. I like the brush strokes and the feathered effect this gives.

A sketch of the 1930s wedding dress found in a second hand shop. I wrinkled white paper, using ink Attempting to capture the delicacy of the rayon and it’s finesse.

In these pictures I altered the colour to change the mood of the sketch to see if I could achieve an old effect.

  • light
  • delicate
  • vintage
  • embroidery
  • simple
  • fragile
  • appliqué flowers
  • beading
  • wrinkles
  • crinkled
  • empire line
  • soft
  • comfortable

In this sketch I have tried to record the delicacy of the dress and the sheerness of the fabric by using grey ink.